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What happens when you put eight complete strangers on a reality TV show and have them compete to win $100,000? What you get is DREAM CA$H, America's number one reality TV show with outrageous characters, manipulative producers, and twists and turns at every corner.  This hilarious ensemble cast includes David, a world-class jerk, Turbo, a professional thug, his sidekick stowaway Dang-Dang, the pretty boy Colin, Fawn, the hippie and many others as they kick, scratch, and claw their way to win the show's top prize.  Grab the remote, tune in, and watch the drama unfold!
Starring: Langston Shaw, Anuchem Fomengia, Armand Thomas, Chirstian Ferguson, Devin Nikki Thomas
Special Features
Deleted Scenes **Including Full Dream Cash Audition Tapes**
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Dream Cash